In this series, I’ll be creating a videogame from scratch using unity. I hope that I’ll be able to keep everything understandable for beginners, but if something gets too complex, just contact me and I’ll update the specific post.

This first part covers the basic concepts of what I’ll be building, and what tools you may need.

About the game

I’d like to build an arcade style, shoot ’em up, top down shooter like space invaders. Building the game will include topics like:

  • coding the game (obviously)
  • creating models / sprites
  • making music and sound effects

All these elements will be covered in future parts. I’m planning on supporting both mobile (android) and browsers. Additional planned features are customizing of your ship / weapons. I’d also like to include two different game modes. One with endless spawning enemies for a highscore-based experience, and one level-based mode with end bosses.


As I mentioned above, the game will be based on unity. This also means, that I’ll code in C# which requires Visual Studio. For modelling, I plan on using MagicaVoxel, and for the music I’ll be using Linux Multi Media System (LMMS). All of these programs are free, but you can use alternatives as well, of course.


Stay tuned for the next part, which will cover the basics on game programming in unity!