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Marcel Jurtz

Bitcoin: 1HDdKd3uoxdvS8pBKKKxEkjoJqUuBiEjkL
Bitcoin Cash: 1CvMvEYwqFJ788TuGvf6iGNsBSpCLeyic
Ethereum: 0xa85c88d505Eb784D199907257da22D73b1Fc767d

Hi, I'm Marcel, a technology enthusiast from southern germany.
Currently, I'm mostly interested in software development for Android and cross-platform development with Xamarin. You can check out my projects on my GitHub-page. On the side, I'm building smaller games with Unity.

I strongly believe in the open source movement which is why I build all of my projects following this approach. Also, I'm an advocate for decentralized systems and cryptography to protect our digital rights.

If you're interested, you're very welcome to read my blog or contact me directly.