Custom Visualization for Numeric Values in Xamarin / DevExpress dxGrid

The dxGrid grid control for Xamarin, which DevExpress provides free of charge, is a powerful feature for mobile application development. However, many of the functions are a little bit hidden. In this article I will discuss how to customize the display of column values.

In my concrete example my grid contains a numeric column, which can contain numbers with or without decimal places. I want these decimal places to be displayed only if they exist. The magic term that DevExpress provides fortunately is DisplayFormat. You can use this parameter to make various adjustments that describe the corresponding value and its representation.

The documentation of DevExpress describes the use of standard or custom numeric format strings, which can be used when using the dxGrid. Both of these types of formatting are documented in the MSDN:

To solve my problem I use the custom formats. The available elements for controlling the display are easy to understand, and in my case I only need the following two elements:

The combination of these elements solves my problem with the following statement:

csharpString.Format("{0:0.###}", myNumber)

The prefix 0: ensures that the formatting is only applied to the first argument of the statement and can be omitted in this case, but is useful for concatenated strings.

While this method can be used for all Xamarin controls, the dxGrid also offers the possibility to make adjustments directly in the XAML file:

    <!-- ... -->
        <!-- ... -->
            Caption = "Number" 
            DisplayFormat="0:0.###" />